Introducing Revloud 2.0

By Admin Published on 8/11/2017

Revloud 2.0

We have been working really hard to provide a better service for you all. Please welcome Revloud 2.0

Intuitive Design

We took your comment seriously. So we come up with an itiutive design making it easier to navigate through the website.

To follow or unfollow

Now your feed will be fill with the latest song from the people you follow!

Facebook Login Disable

We will be disabling facebook login for a while to fix several bugs and upgrades.

Revloud facebook signup fixed

By Admin Published on 18/01/2017


Facebook register/signup problem is now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.


How to get more download according to top artist in revloud

By Admin Published on 13/01/2017

Hello guys,

We have interviewed 6 of Revloud top artist based on how they get higher download. And this is their respond to us.


Make video upload on youtube and include revloud download link



Post download link on facebook and tag real friends and family and beg them to share and download haha



Advertise on facebook? The return is higher.



Cover songs? Let Revloud SEO do the trick?


Ku Ain

All I did was sing to my wife haha.



Post into group and shit lol. I make free beat.

How to promote song on facebook and get more download 2017?

By Admin Published on 11/01/2017

1. Make a short videos of you singging partial amount of the song you uploaded.

2. Tell your fan to download your song

3. Add download link to the video description

Mp3 Upload Error Bug Fixed

By Admin Published on 06/12/2016

Yesterday we did some improvement in our song upload system. Now you can upload song again.

We had enforced

-250x250 song cover files 

-Mp3 size less than 10mb


Thank you & have a plesant day

Privacy policies update

By Admin Published on 1/10/2016

We just updated our privacy policy

You can view it at our privacy policy page


Term & condition updates

By Admin Published on 1/10/2016

We just updated our term & condition

The changes will:-

- Allowing us to use pictures that you uploaded to revloud as promotional material.

- Allowing us to use your song on promotional video


You can voice out your opinion at our contact page

Revloud open beta

By Admin Published on 30/7/2015

We are very intrigue with the result from our closed beta and we believe that our platform revloud is ready for public use.

We have learn a lot during our closed beta period and growing together with all the artist that sign up is such a wonderfull experience!

Welcome to revloud!


Do not upload copyrighted material

By Admin Published on 15/7/2015

Dear user of revloud


Please do not upload copyrighted material in revloud. Fail to comply will result in account suspension.


By copyrghted Material we mean:-

1. Song from other artist

2. Song containing other artist voices.

3. Samples from other artist


Thank you for your co-operation

4 way to boost your income

By Admin Published on 24/5/2015

1. Make a youtube video

Let it be a simple youtube video, ask your friend to comment, share and like it to boost the SEO. Don't forget to post your revloud link tho  

2. Post on facebook groups

Join group that have the same genre as your song. Post the shit out of your song download link in that group.

3. Tell your friend and family about it

Ask them to download and share your song download link.

4. Tweet it on tweeter

With our twitter card optimized all you need to do is to hope for the best.


Welcome to Revloud close beta

By Admin Published on 1/3/2015

A brief introduction

Hai my name is Ananta Teor Albert. I'm the creator of revloud. I'm a technopuner from Malaysia and I do music for fun. Lets get started!


What is revloud?

In a nutshell revloud is an advertisement monetization platform for musicians.


What problem does revloud solve?

1. Piracy

Nowadays there is a lot of music file sharing website hosting song illegaly and use ads to earn money. 


2. Music website

Most of my friend and musicians that I know are using soundcloud, bandcamp, reverbnation or even myspace. They are getting nothing in return of providing content meanwhile those music website are making millions out of them. 


3. No one buys music nowadays

Out 10 of the people we asked from 3 different city said they dont buy music anymore. They just google it and download for free from those illegal file hosting websites.


How we solve all this problem?

1. Piracy?

We give the ads monetization power those illegal file sharing website used to have to the artist!


2. Music website?

By musician to the musician!


3. No one buying music?

Free download for all lets the ads pay!




Lets start shaping the music industry together. Sign up now.